jigsaw cropAt Empathy, we take a personalised approach to learning and development. Whether we’re delivering a six-month programme or a two-hour bite-size workshop, we’ll work with you to ensure that the learning meets business outcomes defined by you, right from the start.

Our Personal Development Workshops are delivered in an inspiring and thought-provoking manner that engages individuals and motivates them to do things differently.

Below is a list of just some of the many areas we cover. Contact us to discuss your specific challenges.



1.   Successful Leadership
2.   Impact and Influence
3.   Coaching and Peak Performance
4.   Successfully Leading Change
5.   Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
6.   Presentation Power
7.   Personal Effectiveness Through Time Management
8.   Building a High Performance Team
9.   Managing Performance
10. Get a Positive Result out of Conflict
11. Assertiveness
12. Self-Belief and Confidence
13. Equality & Diversity

Successful leadership

This workshop will inspire you to reflect on your leadership characteristics, while helping you understand your role as a positive role model and the impact you have on others. As an outcome, you will lead and develop your team using proven motivational techniques, a positive culture and strong inspirational leadership.

Impact and Influence

Through this workshop, we will challenge you to overcome any personal barriers that may be preventing you from having impact and influence. As an outcome, you will be able to look at situations from a new perspective and develop the skills to communicate to maximum effect.

Coaching for Peak Performance

Enabling managers and leaders to see how coaching techniques can be used to really empower team members. Through this workshop you’ll gain an appreciation of how to question effectively, while ensuring the outcome is owned by each member of the team.

Successfully Leading Change

Through ‘Successfully Leading Change’ we’ll inspire you to understand the change process and develop the confidence to manage it. You will learn how to embed a more positive attitude among your staff to the changes that affect them. You will be able to reassure, inspire and involve staff during times of change.

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

Demonstrating the benefits of taking a more creative attitude towards problem solving and decision making through a number of useful techniques. This workshop encourages your people to understand the danger of assumptions, to think more openly and to evaluate even the most routine decisions.

Presentation Power

‘Presentation Power’ encourages you to develop your confidence as a presenter. Quickly learn how to plan and structure presentations that have clear outcomes and messages. Gain the skills to deliver presentations with self-belief and maximum impact, whatever the situation.

Personal Effectiveness through Time Management

Challenging you to become more effective by encouraging smarter working and highlighting the benefits that a proactive approach can bring. This workshop helps you transform your working styles, focusing on key outcomes and making best use of limited resources.

Building a High Performing Team

This workshop will stimulate thinking about the importance of inspirational leadership in building a winning team. Become transformed into a confident, positive and motivated leader who thrives on creating a winning team culture.

Managing Performance

Challenging you to maximise on your impact on team performance. We’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to use a range of feedback mechanisms. You’ll leave with the confidence to develop team members and to have those difficult conversations with under-performing staff.

Getting Positive Results out of Conflict

This workshop encourages you to reframe how you deal with conflict. You’ll gain an understanding of the different conflict resolution techniques and how to use them. Earn the confidence to use different communication techniques whilst looking at conflict as an opportunity.


Ensure win-win situations become the norm in your work place. Understand the benefits of assertiveness. Learn how to adopt an assertive mind-set and communication style, with the confidence to put your point across and listen to others in equal measure.

Self-Belief and Confidence

Guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, inspiring you to re-evaluate how you view yourself. Become motivated to take more control over situations and develop the confidence to achieve your true potential.

Equality & Diversity

Respect for every individual has to be at the heart of any successful organisation.  We’ll work with you and your people to facilitate awareness and behaviours which go way beyond the demands of the Equalities Act.  We’ll provoke reflection, awareness and action at every level.