LawLaw firms operate in a challenging and competitive market, with an increase in mergers and acquisitions, reductions in public sector spending, the emergence of Alternative Business Structures and changing regulations.

At Empathy, we understand the impact this has within your law firm and the pressures it places on managing partners and their teams. Your individual case workload can feel overwhelming, client deadlines demanding and the challenges of managing people and performance to maximise billable hours relentless.

We also understand that some initiatives to improve performance may already be in place. So we work with you and your team to focus on your objectives, analyse your business and determine the inhibitors and accelerators of performance within your law firm. This enables us to identify the people, process and culture levers which can deliver organisational performance transformation.

We can also provide valuable support to engage and inspire your team in the implementation phase of your transformation programme. Our end-to-end service realigns existing initiatives and refocuses and motivates your team to innovate client service delivery, increase resource capacity, streamline processes and improve your business results.

At Empathy, we help you leverage your people and process performance levers to transform business results. These performance levers include:

  • Leadership development
  • Culture evolution
  • Process efficiency
  • Talent development