Gaining Client Insight – why it matters

Gaining Client Insight – It Matters because it is one of the 3 drivers of client service excellence


Without Derren Brown in your back pocket to read the minds of your clients, how do you know what they expect, need or want from you to enable you to deliver excellent focused services? Taking it one step further, finding out what they honestly think of you and your services can be even more daunting, but gaining that client insight is vital to building your relationship and gaining client loyalty.

So what is client insight? Essentially it is the combination of:

  1. Understanding your clients’ needs and aspirations to enable you to exceed their expectations.
  2. An in depth understanding of your clients experiences of your firm. This is way beyond the normal “satisfaction surveys”!
  3. Having a full understanding of your client’s business, the climate in which they operate and how you can become a business partner.

However you go about gaining the insight you need, a strategic and holistic approach is vital. Like with all relationships, it is crucial that all channels of communication are wide open from the very beginning.  If you don’t understand your client’s expectations, how their business works, or their communication preferences, you can’t possibly know how to provide the service that they expect.

It is imperative that you use the insight to tailor every aspect of your service around your client. Whilst you may already perceive that you have a good relationship with your client, continuing to gather information throughout your relationship will lead to longevity as you adapt your services to meet their future needs. Convincing clients that their needs are your priority, that you understand their business, and that this insight is what differentiates you from your competitors can lead to the client acting as an advocate for your firm.

How do you currently gather your client insight? Once you have gained that insight what do you do with it?

Excellence in client service delivery is the key to your sustainable growth. At Empathy we work with our clients so that they can understand theirs.

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