Excellence in client service delivery – the key to sustainable business growth

The most successful professional services firms recognise that building a reputation through client service excellence can be a critical differentiator leading to business growth. They understand that their clients are not just judging the results, but also the entire experience and the quality of the relationships formed. They realise that the pressure to consistently exceed growing client expectations and to do so more efficiently are the keys to increasing profitability.

Our expertise

We can help your firm to achieve excellence in client service delivery by supporting you to review all of the elements that contribute to the client experience. Your firm’s culture, leadership, staff and processes underpin client service delivery. Our expertise will provide you with an external perspective on each element of the client experience enabling you to ensure that every department takes a collaborative approach to consistently deliver excellence. There are 3 critical elements;

1. A client centric culture

Your firm’s culture has a huge influence on translating the ideals of service delivery into every employee being empowered and committed to consistently deliver excellence. Yet culture is one of the hardest areas to drive change. We will support you to gain the client insight to enable you to incorporate their perspective of the service experience and how their needs may change in the future. This insight will enable you to be proactive in innovating service design and delivery.

2. Leadership to empower teams

Building a client centred culture requires the leadership of your firm to demonstrate their commitment to client insight, innovation and cross firm collaboration. This requires a growth mind-set, where leaders are passionate about the success of their client’s business, as an enabler for their own firm’s growth. We will support your leaders in empowering and developing your teams to design and deliver excellence in client service.

3. Streamlining processes for efficient service delivery

Service based businesses need established processes to ensure repeatability and consistency of service delivery. We will review your processes with your teams, focusing on reducing the time lapse between instruction and payment through minimising waste and inefficiencies. This will result in your service delivery costs reducing, increasing profitability.

The business imperative

It is widely quoted that it is six times more expensive to win a new client than to retain an existing one. By developing a commitment to achieving excellence in client service delivery, your firm can successfully grow and increase your profitability. We can support you in developing a culture of customer insight, cross firm collaboration and innovation, supported by efficient service delivery to drive sustainable business growth.

In practice

We will take you through a tried and trusted process which will result in your firm delivering excellence and increasing profitability;

  1. Scoping: We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current client service procedures through observation and in-depth consultation with both clients and employees
  2. Analysis: We will provide extensive feedback to you on our findings from the scoping process. This will include client experiences and aspirations
  3. Development: We will work with you to develop the most cost-effective way to enhance the client experience, including reducing the cost of service delivery
  4. Implementation: We will provide you with the support to build your reputation around client service excellence and efficiency
  5. Review: We review the impact of the programme by focussing on client retention and spend, the cost of service delivery, client feedback and profitability.

Next steps

We would be delighted to offer you a free 90 minute consultation to discuss how a partnership with Empathy can lead your business to sustainable growth through building a reputation for excellence in client service delivery.


Contact Simon Bernstein, Managing Director, Empathy Communications Ltd.;

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