Performance and Efficiency in Housing

There’s a lot of discussion about the affects of rent reductions and Universal Credit on housing associations. Both developments put huge pressure on housing associations performance to ensure that they are working ever more efficiently.

That means housing associations needing to review everything that they do and the way that they do it.  We are talking about organisational performance transformation.  This means a focus on people and process efficiency.

Whatever the shake-down effects, deciding to improve staff and process performance as a strategic investment brings adaptability and responsiveness. A situation where leaders have new and smarter ways to drive efficiencies, where teams perform to higher standards than they ever thought possible whilst maintaining high levels of customer service to tenants need not be a pipe-dream, it can be a reality.

Yes the new paradigm brings with it a number of risks, which will only be addressed successfully by those associations with staff sharing organisational goals and ‘rowing the same direction’. This is one of the facets of leadership that will help drive efficiencies and meet income targets.

Leaders need to reduce the probability of the incumbent risk. They need to lift the performance of everyone around them. They need to align the personal objectives of each and every member of staff with those of the organisation, while getting people who buy into higher levels of performance and efficiency

To anyone who’s thinking ‘been there, tried it, failed’, I refer them to a famous quote from Peter Drucker, the renowned management consultant: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

And that’s why you need to focus on the 4 driving forces behind organisational performance transformation;

  1. Leadership – ensuring that there is a clear visioon and drive by the top team on what efficiency looks like.
  2. Talent development – have you got people with the right skills and motivation the right things at the rig
  3. Process efficiency – are you reducing waste and ensuring that processes are resource and time efficient?
  4. Culture – Is your culture customer and efficiency obsessed?

If you a serious about meeting and overcoming the challenge of rent reduction and Universal Credit, or any future challenge or difficulty, it could be your single best achievement. Which reminds me, what was that other famous quote? “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. I think Mr Churchill might have been ready to deal with rent reductions and Universal Credit!

Simon Bernstein,

Managing Director,



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